Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to make custom weapons for GTA V

Hello all. Now the reason i am posting this is because there are ALOT of people asking "How do i convert custom models to gta v". And im also posting this because the OP over at GTAFORUMS  decided to delete the old tutorial. So lets get into the tutorial already

This tutorial is by Mrvicho13 But it was re-written by me due to him just deleting it from GTA forums

First things you'll need

General knowledge of how to use 3ds max

3ds max. (you can get a free student download) from their website.

GIMS IV for 3DS max Credits to 3Doomer
Install GIMS IV to 3ds Max using the instructions from the .rar

OpenIV Credits to OpenIV Team

Kams GTA scripts for 3ds max Credits to Kam
Install Kams Max Script using the Must_Read.txt from the .rar 

Script hook V Credits to Alexander Blade

Fivem Credits to NTAuthority

Fivem converter Ui Credits to Link/2012

ytdydryddyft2txddffcol Credits to DK22Pac

GTA 5.exe

GTA IV.exe

And of course patience (possibly lots of em') .

Install the 3ds scripts to the locations it tells you to in the .rar

Create a Folder at your desktop with any name and extract the ytdydryddyft2txddffcol tool, FiveM and the Fivem UI.          (Like this)

Open 3ds max and IMPORT the model that you would like to add to GTA V. (in this case i'll be using the Shock hammer from Saints Row The Third ).  Once imported your 3DS max your viewports should look like this

Start OpenIV and go to  (update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/weapons.rpf)

Extract the the weapon you want to the ytdydryddyft2txddffcol\converter folder. (Skip this step if you're replacing a melee weapon)

Drag and drop the weapon you want on to the ytdydryddyft2txddffcol.exe. Once dropped you should have a CMD screen appear.  (Skip this step if you're using a melee weapon)


Once converted to a .dff import the model using Kams gta script (If using a melee weapon download and import this reference model credit to Mrvicho13) Also make sure the A is checked of like shown in the picture.


When you have imported the model scale your custom model down to match the dff (DON'T MESS WITH THE DFF's SCALE ONCE IMPORTED!) Obvously the more accurate the size and shape the better it'll look ingame.


 Once you have scaled the model down select the reference select "vertex" from the box to the right of the screen then press Ctrl+A. The blue dots should now be red.  Now what you'll need to do is right click the custom model and attach it. Once you have attached it just press Delete and all that should be left is your custom model.


Now it is time to edit the materials. Now you may start GimsIV from the hammer icon from the right side of your screen.

Select your model and press the "Convert materials" then go to "Material editor" open the material editor and select the folowing.

Now a new window should open like this
 Change the Shader and Parameter set to these
Now place the textures for spec and bump in the corresponding areas. (If you don't have either just change the Spec and bump to the original parameters). Don't forget to edit the specularity and bump power

Now close the  Material editor and open the Hierarchy manager and type in the name of your model in the highlighted area
After you type in the name of the model press the assign button and close out the Hierarchy

Go to the top of the GimsIV tab and click OpenFormats. Next to Export ord/odd there will be an asterisk click it and deselect split smooth groups.
Now create a new folder and export your file to it place a GTA IV.exe in that folder as well.

Start OpenIV and select" GTA IV" when it asks you to locate the folder, Select the location that you placed your GTAIV.exe in. Once you have selected the location of your .exe Select "Edit mode" and then Shift+ins. and this window should now pop up.
Now highlight it and press "Add" now it should be a .wdr like this
 Now extract the .wdr to the location of the fiveconv.exe. Now extract the folder containing your fiveconv.exe
Once you have done that open CMD and type in the following Be sure to type in YOUR LOCATIONS AND MODEL NAMES!

 Now you are done with converting the model! All you have to do now is create a .ytd Which i will cover in another tutorial!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My name is earl styled Picador

So i was planning on making this mod for a while now but i had never gotten around to it but not that i have completed it i can now scratch that off my list


Saturday, September 27, 2014

The "Cooper Cane" from sly cooper

I had come across an OBJ model of Sly cooper and his cane on some website and i decided to rig the cade for GTA SA, now i will eventually rig sly for the game when im not feeling lazy but for now here is a mod that replaces the golfclub


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


So i had said in the past "im not a big fan of tuners" this just happens to be a coincidence that i had found some beta skins for the Elegy from when it was gonna be called the Legend


Monday, September 22, 2014


The Dalek space monkey mod is now released so you can run around San Andreas in the choice of Pink,Green,Blue or grey



Friday, September 19, 2014

Dalek space monkeys meet GTA

Hello, i will eventually  be uploading the Dalek space monkeys from thug2 (in a few days) Now if you don't know who Dalek is he an artist who makes really cool art one of my favorites and the Space monkeys are characters he made but they were featured in Tony Hawks Underground 2 and that is where i got the models from now the colors on all of them are right EXCEPT the green it is a little off so im not gonna fix that